Meet the Family


Amy: The Purseless Momma

Product of the 80’s,  heart of the 50’s-70’s.  Born and raised in Pontiac,  Michigan.  Ventured to the cornfields of Indiana for college.  Met my husband at a bonfire in Michigan.  I am a wife, mommy, sister, daughter, friend.

In a love affair with God.  Passionate for music.  Desire for organization.  Find freedom in cooking.  Always taking pictures for memories.

Things I crave: Vanilla Coke, peanut butter sundae with Reese’s peanut butter candies, Taco Bell, pasta, Chips & Salsa, slurpees.


Zac: AKA My Man

Self-professed Coffee Snob + Beer Snob.  Technological Guru.  Grew up in Commerce, Michigan.  Has a few videos with friends on YouTube from their younger day shenanigans.  Husband, daddy, son, co-worker, friend.

Loves learning new things in the technological and social media world.  Thinks he married out of his league.  Watches old Star Trek episodes on Netflix.  Eats ice cream by the pint-full.

Things he can’t live without: Coffee, Beer, Ice Cream, Bologna, Hair Putty.


Reese: AKA Mr. Man

4 year old comedian.  Born in Rochester Hills, Michigan–currently resides in Waterford, Michigan.  First born.  Early walker and talker.

Hates wearing clothes.  Likes to be outside at Grandpa and Grandma’s house but not his own.  Awesome big brother.  Loves Jesus.  Worshipper.  Likes to “dance his heart out”.

Things he is obsessed with: The Avengers, iPad, Chocolate Milk, Mild Pepper Rings, Being in charge of the remote.


Emery: AKA Little Miss

1 1/2 year old princess.  Born in Rochester Hills, Michigan–currently resides in Waterford, Michigan.  First granddaughter.  Petite yet strong.  Has a smile that can light up a whole room.

Loves seeing her brother first thing in the morning.  Can hear the word food 50 miles away.  Always tries to take brother’s toys.  Likes to pick out her own clothes and accessories.

Things she enjoys: Being outside.  Music.  Snuggles.  Watermelon.  Climbing.  Juice.  Babies.  Getting her hair done.  Jumping in puddles.



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