What a horribly long, stressful and at times, depressing week. Thankfully my little family recognizes just how overstretched and worn out I am because this is my current state:

Bean is throwing me a “tea party” on the couch. She even whispered in my ear, “I’ll bring you pop.”  Who can refuse a fake pop from her?!?!?

I got approximately 0% of my to-do list done this week and that just adds on to the stress.  Here’s hoping I can kick butt in the next two weeks!  

For now, I just have to let this week be done and over with. 

I don’t even remember exactly where I saw this on Facebook this week because I held my button down as quickly as possible to save it. But I knew it was just what I needed. And maybe someone else out there needs it too. 

And this is just what I’m doing right now.  I’m on the couch, enjoying my tea/pop party, the kids are playing, my hubby is cooking dinner, Hulu is playing and I’m trying to clear my mind and emotions.  When you cry at two different banks in one day you need to do that. 
P.S. I’m currently wearing StressAway like it’s perfume and I’ll be falling asleep to the sweet sweet woodsy smell of Peace & Calming. 


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