Field Trip: Gregg’s Gourmet Cafe

Hi!  My name is Amy and it’s been 334 days since my last blog post.  I promise to {try} not to let the distance between this one and the next be so long. 

I go through seasons where I think I have a lot of valuable things to say and then seasons where I think I’m probably not as entertaining to others as I feel I am. I don’t know. It’s hard to share my thoughts and not know if it’s going to speak to someone or if it’s just me babbling on. 

BUT, I’m in a totally different place now than I was a year ago and my audience is different.  I figure I’ll write about things we do around town, things we make, funny stories of things the kids say, things that puzzle me, or things that bring out the momma bear in me. So here goes…

Are you looking for an awesome, local pizza joint to frequent on a Friday or Saturday night?  Our most favorite, non-chain has to be Gregg’s Gourmet Cafe located just south of downtown Clarkston, Michigan.  It’s the place all the local guys and gals worked at during high school and it’s the place you keep coming back to after college and beyond. The staff is very personable and will remember you even if you haven’t been in as much as you were when you were pregnant {GUILTY!} And honestly, they are hands down the BEST BREADSTICKS you’ll ever eat locally. 

We’ve been frequenting Gregg’s for most of our marriage, moreso during every pregnancy {one of the ladies today said it doesn’t seem like 17 months since Asher was the little guy in my tummy. Seriously. The KNOW their customers}. They have graciously opened up their kitchen to our preschool for a few years now and have given us a great opportunity to have a hands-on field trip experience.  Today was our third experience and it was so much fun. First we started with a tour of the kitchen. 

The oven where all the pizza and breadsticks are made. 

The large walk-in refrigerators. 

The large mixer. {I’ll take one please, my dear}

And this is where the pizza sauce is made.
Since we had a large group today we split up into groups for tours and pizza making. While another group went on the kitchen tour we prepped our pizza dough for toppings. 

First the sauce…

Then the cheese!
Next we went back into the kitchen to choose our toppings. 

A pepperoni masterpiece that quite “resembles” Daniel Tiger if you ask Little Miss. 

  Our finished product ready to be made!

I wasn’t able to be in the kitchen during the cooking process and I didn’t get any pictures of the end of the process. But that’s okay. This little guy had me {and other moms and dads} on our toes most of the morning.   
 Thank you Gregg’s for a learning experience that the kids will talk about for weeks to come.  I’m 99.9% sure there will be a lot of pizza makers during imaginative play time at the preschool come Friday. 
Go check them out:


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