How To Guide: Reusing Young Living Essential Oil Bottles

By now I’m sure you’re quite aware if you follow my Facebook or Instagram that we love our Young Living Essential Oils!  It has been a great investment for our family to help aid in our health and to help bring more natural products into our home while tossing all those harmful chemicals we have under our sinks and in our medicine cabinets.  If you’re anything like me, your heart sinks every time one of those 5 or 15 mL bottles winds up empty.  My heart literally stops for a second and then my mind starts racing wondering how quickly I can order more and just how soon it can be at my doorstep.  I’ve been saving my empty bottles because I just couldn’t bare to toss them but not quite knowing what to do with them yet.  That is until today.  A girlfriend of mine is flying soon and is pretty anxious about it.  I decided to drop off some Valor to her to help overcome her fears and build confidence.  I really wanted to reuse my empty Peppermint Oil bottle and it worked out perfectly. 

 I have outlined my steps for you so you can “Do It Yourself”! 

Step 1: Remove the label

Did you know that you can easily remove the label from any Young Living bottle?  One corner on the bottom of the bottle will say, “Pull Here.”  Underneath that you will find the Supplement Facts as well as the ability to see just how much is left in your bottle.  {Maybe I was too excited to notice but I never knew that!}  Carefully peel away the label to reveal the clean amber bottle.


Step 2: Remove the Cap and Top

Unscrew the cap to your bottle and take off the seal from around the neck of the bottle.  With your fingernail, pop the clear dropper top off your bottle.  Keep these for future use.  If you don’t plan on replacing them right away, throw them in a ziplock type bag and store them for later.


Step 3: Place bottle and cap pieces in Epsom Salt

This specific bottle smelled strongly of Peppermint and since we know that Peppermint Oil is a very strong oil I needed to figure out how to draw that smell out of the bottle and cap pieces.  Soaking essential oils in Epsom Salt during a bath will help preserve the purity of the oil better than dropping them straight in the water so I decided to utilize this concept to help clean them out.  It was magical!  Shake your oil bottle over the Epsom Salt to release any last drops of oil.  Then place all the pieces of the bottle in a glass jar filled with Epsom Salt and screw a lid on it if you have one.  I let mine sit about 20 minutes while I made lunch making sure to shake it around as often as I could remember to allow it to soak in to as much of the salt as possible.  The result?  Deliciously smelling Peppermint Infused Bath Salts for future use.  Killed two bird with one stone on that one!


Step 4: Rinse pieces and soak in White Vinegar

After your pieces have set in Epsom Salt for the time you allot, rinse them off with water to get any remaining salt off.  In a dish or container soak all pieces in water and 2-3 Teaspoons of White Vinegar.  Allow them to soak for 2-3 hours.  For best results, soak overnight.  After soaking, remove your Young Living Essential Oils from the water and vinegar mixture.  Inspect your pieces to see if there is any residue from the label that still needs to be wiped away.


Step 5: Dry

Rinse all pieces one last time in warm water and lay out to dry.


Step 6: Recycle your clean bottle

Now that your bottle is clean and dry you can reuse it for anything you need.  Maybe you want to use it to pre-dilute some of your essential oils or make your own blends to have readily on hand for topical use.  {Don’t forget the clear dropper top and cap.}  If you would rather make your bottle a roller you can purchase a 10-pack of Young Living AromaGlide Roller Fitments in your Virtual Office or through your distributor.  Keep an eye out for a soon coming video on how to install and remove your roller ball fitments!


The Finished Product

In the end, I was able to put together this little makeup bag with an “essentials” kit for my girlfriend.  I gave her a small container of Coconut Oil and a small container of Young Living’s V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil for easy application.  And I gave her 20 drops of Valor along with a little note telling her how Valor would be of an aid to her and how to apply it.


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The way I see it, there are many seasons in parenting.  There’s the newness and freshness when you first dive into the adventure.  Then there’s the frustration of nursing, sleepless nights and endless diaper changes.  Then you hit the fun phase when they start tottling around, talking and exploring the world around them.  Next you hit the terrible two’s/three’s with tantrums and time outs galore.  And before you know it they’re in school, learning to read, doing homework and thinking they know “all the things!”

Right now, I am in the midst of three of these seasons: newborn, toddler and school age.  And I feel like I’m sinking.

I can’t keep up with it all.  The housework, the pile of laundry, the meal planning, the reading chart, the baths, the book fairs, the pumping milk for baby, the meltdowns, the appointments, the fear of the unknown.  So many things come my way each day and I feel like I’m not doing a good job keeping up with it all.

Our oldest is very sensitive and full of fear.  Many times his fears seem silly to us as parents and we have a hard time knowing how to guide him through it.  It seems like the times we don’t prepare him he flips out.  And the times that we do prepare him he flips out.  There’s rarely a time that I can think of lately that he is okay with change or the unknown.  He has cried many tears lately.  And I’m going to be very transparent with you–I find myself welling up with tears too.  The fear is starting to set in with me and I know it’s just a ploy of the enemy but I can’t get passed it right now.  That boy has my whole heart.  They all do.  They were given to us to guide and raise and I feel like I’m not fully equipped at the moment.  And it’s really tearing me apart today.

It’s so silly but I have to take him to a dentist and eye appointment in the next month and my heart just can’t handle the tears and fears I am expecting him to have.  It often makes me wonder where we went wrong.  What did we do?  Or not do?

Seasoned parents–when will this be over?  And how can I help calm his fears?  I know the years are going to get tougher as we go but, right now, this is my lowest low.  Even with all my educational background nothing there prepares you to be a parent and have your heart fully immersed in three little ones who depend on you to guide and direct them.  This is harder than I ever thought it would be.   I know it will get better.  I believe it with all my heart.  But, how can I help him in the meantime?  I am desperate to help him.  I know that will help my momma heart too.