I can’t tell you how many times I am told I should write a blog. It’s quite often. Well, as you can see I do have one. I wish I had more time to maintain it but life happens and it gets busy. When I’m not busy with life I spend too much time comparing myself to other bloggers and feel like the things I have to share aren’t that important.

That has to change.

I know I need to find what my passions are and write about that–so I’m going to keep praying on that because I think it is something that encompasses so many areas. It’s hard to narrow it down. For now, I know my passion is being a wife and mom and serving my family.

One way I can serve my family is through laundry. Yes, laundry. Call me crazy but I love doing laundry. It is so therapeutic to me. There’s just something about my OCD brain that loves the thrill of sorting laundry, washing it, drying it, folding it, hanging it, organizing it by color and length in the closet, and labeling all the dresser drawers for the kids.

I love spraying stains with a stain removing solution.

I love pulling the lint trap out of the dryer and cleaning it out before each cycle.

I love making sure to even out the ends and edges of shirts so they don’t relax flipped up.

I love knowing that my family has clean, warm and comfy clothes to wear.

It’s my duty and my privilege to serve them in this facet.

Now, I haven’t always been so diligent and thrilled to do laundry. It took me a good 5 years or more into our marriage to get the hang of it. It has really helped having the laundry room access on the main floor in our current home.

I have multiple laundry baskets and sorters that I can just drag across the hall to wash. They are labeled for darks, lights, whites, underwear, socks, reds/pinks/oranges, and towels. Now that Mr. Man is reading he’s doing a lot better about keeping this up for me.

On laundry day {or the night before} I sort them one more time–this time by wash cycle. Some are warm wash. Most are cold wash. I then add underwear and socks in with the appropriate color scheme to help minimize loads. On average, with a separate baby load, I do between 7-9 loads weekly for our family of five. I do laundry ONE day a week unless we have a major blowout or need more towels.

This evening while I was in the midst of finishing folding a load fresh out of the dryer the big kids were struggling to finish what they were doing and start the bedtime process. I felt like the one task I needed to finish {move one load from washer to dryer then start a new wash load} was going to take me all night. After a while we finally got them in their room and closed the door. I walked straight back into the laundry room and finished folding clothes to put away. When I walked some of my things into our room I looked at my husband and said, “I love doing laundry. It’s so therapeutic for me. It’s so therapeutic for me!”

It truly is. When I felt my stress levels rising during bedtime they all started going away as soon as I started folding clothes and putting them away in their proper places. I’m telling you–my brain is wired for order, structure and completion. I have no doubts as to where my son got that from : )

And to add to my love for laundry–it’s almost time to add cloth diapers to the routine.

I may be crazy. But, it’s a pretty fantastic form of therapy for me.

What are your laundry processes, tricks or time frames? I’m always willing to learn new things. Let’s hear them!


One thought on “Therapeutic

  1. Love hearing others routines for things. Here is my laundry routine:
    Everyone has their own basket in their closet. Hubby and I have separate baskets as well. I also have a separate basket for whites, and a desperate basket for towels and a basket for underwear. I also keep a bucket under the kitchen sink that I throw my kitchen rags and towels in.
    I do two loads per day. One basket of someones clothes or whites (which are washed on cold) and then a load of towels/rags/or underwear (which are washed on hot.)
    Some days I may do more to catch up or if hubby is home I may not do any loads that day if we are out and about, but this is what I try and stick to.

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