Five things you probably don’t know about me…

It’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged.  Mostly because I’ve been so sick this pregnancy and also partly because I go through waves of times when I feel like the things I want to say or have to say aren’t that significant or important in the long run.  I always aspire to be an inspiration to others, to be a source of knowledge, give recommendations, insight, etc.  For now, I think a “things you probably don’t know about me” post seems fun.  So without further ado….


1.) 99.9% of the time you will see me drinking out of a straw.  I love straws!  My kids even get to the point where they ask “Straw?” when I’m preparing a drink.  I can’t drink milk or coffee out of a straw but almost everything else demands a straw in my world.  Part of the reason for that is I can’t stand the taste of aluminum cans or glass bottles.  Beside that, do you know whose hands have touched that before you put your lips to it?  I’m not OCD about germs and such, but that’s definitely one thing I KNOW I can control.  I try to keep extra straws from fast food restaurants in the glove box of my car at all times (along with Taco Bell sauce packets–you never know when you’ll be attending a Taco party).  It’s so much easier to have a drink in the car when you have a straw available!  I’ve also learned that spinning the tab on a can around serves as a great straw holder.  Pop that drink open, spin the tab 180 degrees and slip your straw in it.  Helps keep it from bobbing up and down.  You’re welcome.


2.) I don’t know how to swim.  It’s true.  I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried and I just can’t do it.  We didn’t grow up around much water living in Pontiac so there was no reason to learn how.  Our family owned a cottage in Oscoda right on Lake Huron and we would vacation there a few times each summer.  My dad tried teaching me each summer but nothing stuck.  I think it all falls on my badonkadonk.  Nowadays, my husband tells me that I need to take swimming lessons just as much as our children do.  I believe that I am at a point in life now, though, that my brain tells me I can’t do it and my body says whatever.  

Don’t even think about inviting me over to your pool or on a boat unless:

1.) you know how to swim and will watch my children like a hawk  

2.) Zac will be there or

3.) you have life jackets.  

I’m serious.  I may not know how to swim but I’m smart enough not to put my kids in danger due to my shortcoming.


3.) I HATE the sound of styrofoam.  It is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!  After almost 29 years of life my mother now knows to open a gift, remove the styrofoam, and package it differently before she gives it to me.  I can’t stand the sound of them rubbing together or squealing up the side of a box when you remove an item.  My poor husband–sometimes he has to remove things like TV’s from the box himself because I’m off in a corner with my fingers in my ears singing as loud as I can to mask the noise.  It’s a serious annoyance.  I’m not joking.


4.) One of my pet peeves in when someone interrupts my yawn.  The most likely culprit: my husband.  Sometimes he tries to be funny and quickly pokes his finger in my wide open mouth and other times he’s trying to kiss me mid-yawn.  I can’t stand when I cannot complete a yawn.  I feel jipped.  Like I can’t complete the cycle.  The kids interrupt them too.  Don’t think they get a free pass in this area.  They like to stick their fingers in when I’m yawning too.  Do they think they are popping a bubble or something?  It’s so annoying.


5.) I have to eat things in pairs.  Well….I can’t eat anything that is uneven.  For example, I have to have an even amount of M&M’s to eat.  I usually eat them in pairs.  If I have an odd amount of one color I have to find a similar color to eat with the single one.  Say I have three green and one red: I’ll eat two of the green and then pair the red and last green together because they remind me of Christmas.  I am not weird.  I am NOT weird.  I promise. 


And now you know me a little better!  You’re welcome.


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