Even though….I’m thankful

Even though my day started abruptly with a toddler peeing on our bed…
I’m thankful that we have a big, warm bed to sleep in and the ability to wash sheets in hot water and detergent.

Even though I’ve been on the phone all morning….
I’m thankful that God already knows the outcome and will bring the answer in His time.

Even though I have piles of laundry and didn’t get my laundry day this week….
I’m thankful that my family has more clean clothes in closets and drawers to wear in the meantime.

Even though the kids’ bedroom is a mess….
I’m thankful that they both have a bed to sleep in, space to call their own and a roof over their heads.

Even though it seems like every toy in the living room is out….
I’m thankful that people love our kids so much that they buy them gifts and surprises whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or just because. 

Even though a sippy cup of milk was spilled all over the floor and coffee table….
I’m thankful that it wasn’t a whole gallon.

Even though my husband is working 9am-9pm today….
I’m thankful he has tomorrow off!

Even though my lunch got cold today….
I’m thankful for my ability to cook and to have leftovers for lunch!


I’m sure there are more things I could think of and I’m sure I will encounter more before days end.  Sometimes it’s hard to see your blessings through the clouded glass.  This week has been a clouded glass kind of week for me but God is so, so gracious and has helped me tweak my way of thinking to be thankful in the things that truly are rather than in the way it seems.

What are you thankful for in the ‘even though’ times?


3 thoughts on “Even though….I’m thankful

  1. Even though my daughter will probably up until 11pm tonight, I’m thankful that she is taking a marathon nap right now so that I can spend even more time than usual procrastinating housework.

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