Mommy Tips: Back to School Part 3

Another aspect of the back to school days is one dreaded by many:

Packing lunches or snacks.

With so many peanut allergies around these days, that limits a lot of “quick and easy” meals or snacks in most people’s minds but I’m here to tell you that I have found some great alternatives! There once was a day when Mr. Man would eat anything we put in front of him. His sister is now the fabulous eater of the family and he’s taken a huge regression. I won’t say that he’s picky…he’s selective. He knows what he likes, he thinks he knows what he doesn’t like and he freaks out about the smallest dash of spice on his piece of chicken or noodle! This makes for some difficult decisions when it comes to meals. I’ve noticed that he isn’t necessarily in a full meal phase these days, but more in a multi-option snack phase.


Here are some ideas that I came up with to take to school as a snack. Many of these can also be used as lunch options:

Graham Crackers
Cheese sticks/slices/cubes
Cucumbers and Ranch
Mini tortilla roll-up sandwiches or croissant’s
Alphabet crackers
Teddy Grahams
Dry cereal
Fruit snacks
Oatmeal Cream Pie
Dinner roll/Corn Bread/Muffin
Pasta salad
Taco Salad
Any Leftovers
Mini corn dog poppers and ketchup
Cherry Tomatoes
Potato Chips
Chips and salsa
Buttered noodles


A mom from our preschool last year came up with these ideas for class snacks. Thanks Erin Bennett!

String cheese and fruit skewers
Mini Muffins (banana, zucchini, etc.) and fruit
Mini sandwiches with milk
Yogurt and pretzels
Fruit skewers and a yogurt dip
Veggies and dip
Wraps (meat and cheese, Hummus and veggies, cream cheese and veggies, etc.)
Healthy snack mix (popcorn, dried fruit, etc.)
Dried fruit (cranberries, mango, raisins, cherries, etc.) and cheese or whole grain cereal
Whole grain flat bread with cream cheese and jam or fruit
Oatmeal cookies or another “healthier” cookie choice
Granola bars
Rice cakes with cream cheese or jam
Pretzels and cheese
Baked pita chips with hummus or another dip
Graham crackers with apple sauce


If you’ve never heard of the Plant Box lunch boxes you will want to go research them right now! Just so you know, I am not getting paid to advertise them. We don’t even own one yet. I’ve just seen them from a photographer I follow, Oh So Posh, and she gracefully makes her daughters lunches in these boxes and makes me droll every time she posts a picture to Instagram or Facebook! The lunch boxes are more costly than one you can run to Target or Walmart to buy but after seeing the durability and versatility of them I personally think the value will outlast the cost in the long run. Here are a few pictures of what Lidia over at Oh So Posh has created. You may go ahead and drool now….



This last picture was too cute not to post. It is from Another Lunch and I think any little boy would love it!



***Now…to research where to get all these super cute tools and food holders! I will be on a mission, my friends!



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