Mommy Tips: Back to School Part 2

Now that some of us have come to the realization that school starts back up NEXT WEEK you are all probably wondering what getting back into the routine will look like.  I know I’ve been thinking about it a lot.  Our kids have never taken to a bedtime schedule well so I think this is going to be our biggest battle to come.  I was excited to have Mr. Man in school every afternoon because 1.) MOMMA NEEDS THE BREAK and 2.) We are SO not morning people!  Well, the school schedule is changing a little and that changes things for us too so now we will be doing school Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings {for the time being}.  This REALLY changes things for me mentally.  I was so excited about packing him a snack every day, finding the alphabet letter of the day item from around the house five days a week rather than three, and having every afternoon with my girl.  Now I’m thinking about bedtime routines, morning routines, quick and easy breakfasts and what to do with myself and Little Miss while he’s at school.

Last year we used this flashcard system to help Mr. Man understand what was expected of him every morning.

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards for Kids by{}

This was awesome for us at the time because he was 3 for most of the school year only turning 4 a month and a half before the end of the year. This was so simple and easy for him because it was broken down into 4 quick steps that he could visualize.  After we moved in the winter and things didn’t make it back on the new walls this system broke down for us and every school morning was a struggle.  A. STRUGGLE.

This year, he’s a little bit older and I know can be challenged a lot more so we are stepping up our game and doing this.  {And, I am in LOVE with the chevron and super cute wording}  All I need is a frame from the dollar store, a nail, a hammer and a perfect spot to hang it!  {}

I remember a family friend, Missy, had things like this posted in her house for her 4 children except that she was a schoolteacher and hers were all handwritten on large poster board with pictures of the kids doing each activity listed.  I’m a visual learner and I think Mr. Man slightly is too.  I have always remembered those posters from her house almost 8 years later and can’t wait to replicate it someday soon.  I may be a teacher, but I am not an artist.  For now, these cute printable’s will have to work–but watch out hubs…you may be seeing something pop up in our home soon!  {Hi, babe…do you actually read my blogs?}

What are your mommy secrets for routines?  I’m seriously interested in ideas specifically for bedtime.  Even when putting the kids in their room by 8:00pm, on a full tummy, after a bath and a few stories read they both can stay awake for hours and fall asleep even after we’ve gone to bed.  I’d love to have cheerful waker-uper’s every morning.  Any ideas?


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