Small Business Monday’s: milk & hannah

Welcome to the start of a new week and a new section called “Small Business Monday’s”

While some are walking into the new week feeling the descent off of a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends, on the beach or at music festivals, I want to look up at the good things to come.

And that’s why I’m starting this section. Because:

1.) I’d rather not have the Monday blues myself

2.) I love small businesses and desire to support them

3.) I love my friends and family and all of their talents

Our first Small Business introduction is a very special one to me and thus my choice for our first feature: my sister-in-law, Hannah Spencer.  She is the owner, creator, shopper extraordinaire {and more} of ‘milk & hannah’.  When the idea to showcase small local businesses on my blog wouldn’t leave my thoughts I just knew that I had a great starting point right here in my own family.

Hannah is wife to my younger brother, mother of my niece and nephew, big sister of 5, friend of many, possessor of many talents including music, crafts, business ideas, social media campaigns, thrifting goddess and more.  After a few years of thrifting together, I’ve seen firsthand the time and care she takes in choosing items.  I’ve witnessed the shock and awe she possesses when she finds a unique and vintage item.  I’ve seen the cute exclusive packaging and personal detail she adds to each item sent.  She’s a joy to work with because there is no one with Hannah’s quirks and charm and your experience with her will be unlike any other customer’s experience with her.

Here is a little interview I did with her about her and her business:

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Hannah, helllo hot stuff.

I’m the owner of ‘milk & hannah’, a vintage Etsy space full of charm and age that can’t be duplicated. The rust is real, the cracks are real, and the price tags came off 20, 40, 60 years ago.

Me? I’m really tall. I love good coffee & Michigan Autumns, and I don’t feel passionate about anything like I do thrifting. I have 2 babes, Porter Claire and Cade Xander– they drove me to seek at home options for supplementing my man’s income. I think it’s very important to be a nurturer of your passions, and ‘milk & hannah’ is my ho. We are lifers, me and that shop.

2.) When did you start your business?

I opened in May of this year.

3.) What made you want to do what you do?

I love the look of vintage items in my home but I ran out of space. I found sooooo many things while at thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and estate sales that were ‘my style’ but that just weren’t something I could utilize anywhere in our space.

When our kitchen table started filling itself, magically duh, I knew it was time to either start a shop or stop shopping. I fell in love with the Etsy concept, the true and genuine passion for equipping small business owners with the tools and framework to achieve their business goals, and I started listing.

4.) How do you prepare/execute your shop?

I wish I was better at business plans. BAHAHA. Honestly, at this point, I have a list of items that I know customers are intrigued by and request. I keep my eyes out for those things everyday, but as someone who is looking for a very small percentage of items that were produced sometimes a century ago? I have a more free-spirited concept.

I hunt, I gather, I list. That’s the plan.

5.) What kind of advice do you have for new small business owners?

Passion is the root of all profit. If you love it and you work for it, you’ll get there.

6.) Do you ship out of state?

Sure as heck do, Chip. (That’s a Talladega Nights reference, Ricky Bobby style.)

7.) How can we contact you?

You can see my shop by going to

The Twit: @milkandhannah Insta: @milkandhannah FB: E-Mail:

I’m everywhere, like air.

And, my friends, that is not all.  In honor of this post {and in celebration of her 23rd birthday yesterday} she is offering an EXCLUSIVE discount code to my readers!  See an item you can’t live without on her Etsy shop?  Make sure you enter code “happyfreaking23” at checkout for 23% off that item….good today through Sunday, September 1st, 2013.

Thank you, Hannah!  Love you!


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