Dinner Menu: Wednesday

Tonight’s dinner is a recipe I made up myself. I’m the type of person that likes to look at dishes at restaurants or other people’s houses and think about how I could make it at home. Often my cooking ends up being more of a “what do I want to eat and how could I put that all together?” kind of cooking. My husband always applauds my creations even though I know he can do exactly the same if he tried. He says he can never think of what would be good together.

Our favorite creation of mine this summer is something I’ll call my Summer Vegetable Pasta.

{Note: I never measure my ingredients or spices. I make all my own creations by taste and quantity of eaters.}

For this recipe you will need:
Red peppers
*Chicken or shrimp*
Garlic salt
Black pepper
Angel hair pasta

In a large skillet add some olive oil and a small dollop of butter over medium heat. Chop the asparagus, zucchini and red pepper into small pieces. {I’ve learned that the smaller the pieces the softer they are; the larger the pieces the crunchier they are}. When the butter and oil is melted add the vegetables, sprinkle Garlic Salt and Black pepper over and stir. Cover and let simmer for 10 minutes on medium heat {cook a few minutes longer than 10 if you prefer softer pieces of vegetables.}

Meanwhile, cook pasta as normal in a separate pan. Stir the vegetables a few times throughout the course of time and add seasoning if needed. By the end, the juices from the vegetables themselves help add to the flavor and “sauce” of this dish. Strain pasta. Pour vegetables over pasta on dish and enjoy!

*Add chicken or shrimp that has been cooked thoroughly and chopped into small pieces with the vegetables as they simmer for extra flavor!

I tend to enjoy and can tolerate spices better than most of my dinner guests so I LOVE to add the black pepper a few times throughout.

Let me know if you try this quick and easy summer recipe. Please feel free to share your favorite quick and easy recipes with me too!



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