The Small Things

I was talking to a group of people tonight at VBS about prayer. Reese walked in to VBS as the new kid. He didn’t know anybody. But that kid is not shy! He may act like it but really he’s so entertaining and smart and he shines in a room. He volunteered to pray for the snack out of all the kiddos there. My 3 year old son…probably the youngest one there.

I was so proud of him when I heard he did this. It opened up the conversation for us where I got to talk about how we don’t want to Reese to pray only about the big things, or the bad things. We’re teaching him to pray about the little things; the good things too.

I was able to experience this myself tonight. When we got home I knew I had a lot to do to prepare for tomorrow. A few weeks ago I received my very first jury summons. I decided to run upstairs and try on a few outfits instead of waiting until morning. Boy am I glad I did that! Little did I know that even though I’m beginning to love pieces of my wardrobe, I don’t have any clothes that are appropriate for court. All my cute, really nice shirts right now are tank tops. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to show my shoulders so I started piecing things together to see how I could cover them up. Nothing was working. Oh, and the only dress pants I own are maternity. I look yucky in them at this point!

At one point I just decided to say, “Lord, I know you already know what I am going to wear. Please show me”. I kept trying things on and just didn’t feel like I covered all the right areas or looked professional enough. Then I went to the basement to look in a few bins of clothes and I found a few more pairs of dress pants (all maternity) and decided to try them on.

Most are too tight and I’m so confused as to how I wore them when I was pregnant and now that I’m not they are too tight. Anyway, I tried on a pair and they slid right on and were so comfy! Then I found a top to compliment it. Then I found shoes. And jewelry. And the right shade of eyeshadow. And all of a sudden it all came together! I just looked at myself in the mirror and chuckled because I knew that God really did care about the small things–even the outfit I will wear to my jury duty summons.

BUT, if I have to go back multiple days–then I’m trouble.

Salvation Army here I come!


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