Chocolate Shake

Tonight I was busy working at the computer on my “stay-at-home data entry” job and I started sneezing. 

I mean the kind of sneezing I usually get when I’m around a cat.

The kind of sneezing that makes my throat tickle and hard to clear.


That’s when my ears perked during a commercial.  I heard the word shake

Boy, did that sound good in that moment. 

“Shake?  Yum.  That sounds so good right now.  Did they just say shake in that commercial?”

My husband said he would go get me one and wanted to know where I wanted one from. 

(enter scene: my inability to except a gift)

We exchanged words (no fighting words…just a logical conversation) and in the end I had talked him out of buying me a shake because we need to be careful with our money and not spend frivolously.  Wanna know what he said during that talk that hit me?

“Why won’t you just let me serve you?”

Seriously, Amy.  Why won’t you? 

I sat there the rest of the evening:

still trying to clear my itchy throat

+wanting a chocolate shake (and debating in my head if I wanted a shake from McDonald’s or a frosty from Wendy’s)

+asking myself why I don’t let people do silly little things for me.  (Okay, I don’t like people doing BIG things for me either but why not at least the little things?)


I still haven’t figured it out specifically, but I know where I get it from…

my mom.

She is a fantastic giver, but not so good at receiving.




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