My Kid: The Teacher

Just this afternoon I had a little conversation with my son that went something like this:

“Reese, please don’t take my pop.  I’m thirsty.”

“But, I have to.”

“No Reese.  Please give me my pop back.  My mouth is dry and I need a drink.”

“You can’t have it, momma.”

“Reese,  that is my drink and I would like it back.”

“But, you said we have to share things with others the last day!”

If you have talked to my son enough, you know that he says “the last day” or “yesterday” a lot when referring to something he previously did or saw.  It can be quite comical the phrases he adds it onto!

But you see, he was right.  I did tell him that he needed to share.

(You mean, he’s actually listening to me behind all the screaming and arguing?)

How is it that something so simple can be taught to me (again) by a three year old who is gulping down my Dr. Pepper at 12:00pm on a Tuesday afternoon?

It got me thinking:

Beside the little things we share like food, gifts, our bed, life events…..

What else do I need to share?  Like, for real…the really important stuff…

  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Money/Resources
  • Time
  • Wisdom
  • Grace
  • A relationship with my Papa God

What would others be missing out on if I didn’t share these things with them?

What would I be missing out on if I didn’t share these things with others?

Thanks little man for just a little reminder to stop thinking about me so much and start thinking about others.


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