“He washed my sins away…”

Tonight, as I was trying to get some work done I put Reese at the sink for some “water play”.

(Insert Mommy Truth #1 here: I actually gave him some dirty dishes to play with that needed to be cleaned.)

Whenever we do dishes or sit down to work on a computer in our home (or anything really) there is music playing.  Tonight we had dishes going + work on the computer so you KNOW that there was music playing.

Without even realizing it, I’m signing away to “Oh, happy day.  Happy day.  You washed my sins away.”

It’s then that I hear my sweet little boy singing “Oh, happy day.  Happy day.  You washed my sins away” too.

And then it hit me:
Does Reese even know what he’s singing?  Can a three year old comprehend the meaning of sin?

So, I decided to find out.

I turned around from the computer desk and asked:

“Reese, do you know what the word sin means?”

His response was this:

“It’s like doing the dishes forever and ever.”

“The dishes, huh?  When the song says ‘You washed my sins away’ you think it’s like doing the dishes?”

“Yes, you gotta wash them forever and ever and get all the bubbles off.”

“Huh.  Well, did you know that sin is when we do something bad?  And when you do you just have to say ‘Oh, Jesus.  I’m so sorry I did that.’ Then Jesus will say, ‘Reese, I forgive you.'”

“Oh, that’s so nice!  I can do that for Jesus.”

When I do the dishes now I’ll be thinking of Reese washing away the filth and dirt from our dishes just like Jesus washes away the filth and dirt from our hearts.

Oh, that childlike faith.  I love it.


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